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You got Gamercard in my Zune!


Gamertag Radio's resident code sleuth, Pinksage, found an interesting tidbit inside the source code. It looks like links to various Zune related websites. They're all pretty normal except the last one on the list which reads, "" -- check out a screen shot here. We had a pretty good idea that the Zune would play nice with our 360, but the idea of actual Gamercard integration never crossed our minds. Because we're also super sleuths (and because we love you) we stuck into our favorite web browser. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist. At least, it doesn't exist yet. That won't stop us from speculating though (does anything?). Let's say you connect your Zune at your favorite WiFi cafe. You see that your buddy is playing Gears of War a week early. Naturally, you send him a Live message that you'll be right over, and off you go. We don't know how many of these features will actually be supported, but frankly, we're frightened. This kind of functionality could turn us into one of those annoying Blackberry people that are never disconnected. What do you think? If you're in the market for an multimedia player, would Gamercard/Live functionality convince you to pick up a Zune?

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