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E3 to be reborn as GamePro Expo

Cyrus Farivar

While E3 may be long gone, and E3Expo may have been on the horizon for a brief time, it appears that GamePro Expo will now be taking its place as the king of the American gaming shows. IDG, the company that publishes GamePro magazine (and Macworld mag and Expo), will now run this latest show to take over the Los Angeles Convention Center come October 2007. Although GamePro is only slated for 30,000 people (half the size of E3), it should still rock, given that it'll bring live competitions among other goodies. And if you're looking for us while at the show, we'll be the ones hanging our heads in shame after getting totally pwned by the smarmy editors over at Joystiq.

[Via DSFanboy]

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