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MacMice announces Danger Mouse Red


Digging MacMice's laser-based Danger Mouse but not so keen on its unassuming color scheme? Well, the company's aiming to please and to do good deed as well with its latest mouse, taking inspiration from a certain other (RED) organization. While you likely won't be seeing Bono and Oprah sharing a few clicks with one of 'em, MacMice will still be donating a portion of the profit ($3, specifically) from each Danger Mouse Red to a worthy effort, the Peace Village School & Orphanage in Kenya, Africa. Apart from the eye-catching color, the mouse is exactly the same as the regular Danger Mouse, with two buttons to lighten the load on your control key and 1600 DPI to keep your cursor on track. The Danger Mouse is also not the only product getting the "other red" treatment, with a brightly-colored GarageKey MIDI keyboard also available for pre-order. Both should be shipping by the end of the month, with the Danger Mouse Red running $30 and the GarageKey setting you back an even $100.

[Via MacMinute]

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