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Publicly useful information to be beamed in Seoul via RFID

Darren Murph

South Korea is bringing the heat yet again, and this time we're seeing the "first ever 900MHz RFID" services that can provide product, traffic, and other pertinent information directly to your RFID-equipped cellphone while out and about. If you're not totally freaked out about Big Brother being able to tell precisely what you're looking for on your mobile at all times, Alien Technology and U-IT have developed a mobile RFID pilot aimed squarely at business-to-consumer (B2C) scenarios. The team plans to implant the voyeuristic chips into "products from Symbol Technology" next year, and initial information is being offered about movies, wine, bus routes, and other publicly useful tidbits. The idea is to install RFID chips in all 70,000 taxis cruising around Seoul in order to give customers convenient access to the data they crave, and if all goes well, additional intelligence will be added concerning "medicines, food, and social relationships," while "travel and tourist related info" should be live in July 2007.

[Via CNET]

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