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CCTVdynamics' all-inclusive EB1304 home surveillance kit

Darren Murph

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Any lingering trick-or-treaters still hanging around and giving you the creeps? If your Magic Message Mirror isn't quite covering every nook and cranny that needs to watched over, CCTVdynamics has the all-inclusive setup for you. The four-channel home surveillance DVR system includes an AverMedia EB1304 80GB DVR, four easy-to-hide dome cameras (with matching power supplies and 50-foot runs of cable), MPEG4 video compression, 120fps display / recording resolution, NTSC and PAL compatibility, scheduled modes, password authentication, and a wireless remote to spy on your property while kicked back in your recliner. The machine timecodes all video capture and allows searches by dates, times, and "events," boasts watermarking capabilities, and supports AVI outputs to external storage devices via USB. So if paranoia is keeping you awake at night, and you'd rest easier feel better throughout the long, cold nights if you could keep a constant watch over your oh-so-targeted domicile, the eagle-eyed kit will cost you just $699 (and presumably all of your suddenly suspicious friends).

[Via PVRWire]

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