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Cingular 8525 reviewed

Ryan Block, @ryan

So, Cingular's finally announced their 8525 -- what a relief. As we suspected, it'll set you back $399 (with two year contract -- sorry, no price yet listed with 1 year or no contract) when it launches November 16th but LAPTOP has the first official review of the unit, which resulted in a 4/5 star rating. There isn't really much to tell here that one didn't already know (except that the ok key underneath the wheel is now a deactivated Push-to-Talk button), but just in case you hadn't been following the Hermes, it's generally regarded as a pretty slick piece of kit. Outside of the usual software package, you can, of course, hook up with MobiTV, Good, and any other supported services on Cingular's network. We definitely take issue with the five hour talk time, though, our Hermes is lucky to get a couple (and with data, forget about it). Still, for your $400 you're unlikely to find a hotter Pocket PC phone on the US market.

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