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Finding a world epic-- and getting rid of it

Mike Schramm

This forum thread goes over something we've talked about here before-- the thrill of finding your first purple world drop. Yup, it's special when you kill what must be the thousandth lava spider you've ever killed, and suddenly you loot, and you're looking at one of the rarest items (if not the rarest) you've ever seen, and it's all yours, nary a group member in sight. It's a great feeling, but Drysc's comment (he found an Ardent Custodian, and accidentally bought a second one off the AH) made me think of what I've found is the dark side of finding a world drop: getting rid of it.

Now, if you can use the item you find, more power to you-- my Priest was lucky enough to find a Holy Shroud at level 33, and she's still wearing it at level 40 (can't beat +healing on a lowbie item). But more often than not, a world drop is supposed to be your ticket to riches (and, hopefully, that mount you've been eyeing). The problem? As I've found, selling an epic on the AH isn't easy. Either you put it up and it sells in seconds (which means you likely sold it for too little), or you just can't get rid of thing, no matter what price you put it at. My Shaman was lucky enough to find a Dwarven Hand Cannon off a worm in Silithus. I tried to sell it for weeks at a couple hundred gold with no luck at all. Eventually I dropped the price to 100g, then 75g, then 50g. Eventually I begged a hunter to take it off my hands and got 45g for it. Still a nice chunk of change, but nowhere near epic mount money.

And right now it's the Ace of Beasts I can't seem to lose. I was lucky enough to win a roll on it in UBRS, and none of the guildies needed it, so I figured it would help clear me the last 200g of my epic mount. But after listing it at 300g, then 200g, and now 150g, I haven't gotten so much as a nibble on it. You're going to say it's my fault for being too greedy, but I've seen the Beasts deck in full on my server for 500g before-- if I have to sell the Ace for 50g, I can't help but feel I'm getting ripped off.

Coming across a terrifically rare item is a great feeling. But rarity, it seems, is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. Have you had epics you just can't seem to get rid of? And, in the end, how did you unload them?

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