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Amp'd to get upgraded Motorola Q?

Chris Ziegler

A microscopic, grayscale image is about all we have to go on right now, but that little sliver of evidence seems to corroborate the claim that Amp'd Mobile is all geared up to take on a variant of Motorola's Q smartphone. On account of Amp'd's target demographic, we might normally argue that there are other carriers in the world better suited to take on a business-oriented device like the Q -- but if the rumored upgrades are anywhere close to real (three megapixel cam, "new UI," and integrated SlingPlayer) at the also-rumored price point of $100 -- not to mention the nifty black shell -- Amp'd subscribers would be crazy not to dig it. Could this be the rumored Q Pro?

[Thanks, MRa]

Update: Better eye candy of the Amp'd Q has surfaced, once again on HowardForums -- click through for the goods.

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