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Automated Script Leads To Apple Repair Center Photos

Dan Lurie

Information on this story is rather scarce as of the time of posting, but here's what we know. Flickr user Toby Mckeys wrote a script for his MacBook to take a picture with the built in iSight every time the computer wakes from sleep, and then upload that photo to his Flickr account. Apparently Mr. McKeys was having some issues with his machine that required it to be sent in for repair. While at the Apple authorized repair center in Tennessee, Toby's MacBook dutifully snapped and uploaded each time a technician woke the machine up.

In the set description for the photos the machine uploaded, Toby refers to the script being used for his "Waking Study" project, which I assume is a spinoff (an interesting one at that) of all those "take a picture every day for 5 years" videos that have been so popular on sites like YouTube recently.

It does not seem that the script has been made available yet to the general public, but perhaps that will change with its new found fame and fortune.

Update: Make your own automator script of this app here.

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