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France's Evadeo GPS device shows footpaths, bike trails

Cyrus Farivar

If there's one place we wouldn't mind getting lost in, it's the French countryside -- given that you don't have to wander too far before a friendly villager invites you (the wayward, weary traveler), inside for a meal and a glass of wine before sending you on your way. At least that's how we imagine France to be, anyway. If you do plan on getting lost, though, you may want to invest €450 ($574) in the Evadeo, a new GPS device designed by France's Institut Geographique Nationale. In addition to the usual assortment of streets and highways, this one has small village roads, footpaths, monuments, hamlets and "topological points of interest" for all of l'Hexagone. The Evadeo sports a 3.5-inch screen (320 x 240), SiRF Star III GPS receiver, a 266MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, an SD card slot, Windows CE 4.2, and weighs a mere 183 g (0.4 lb). While the Evadeo may go well with your countryside picnic, accompanied by a baguette and a wedge of camenbert, just make sure not to spill your Château Lafitte all over the screen, ok?

[Via Navigadget]

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