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Scarface shows PSP software sales are lacking


According to Gamespot, the Scarface video game topped the PSP's US sales charts in October by selling over 37,000 copies. This is distressing for two reasons. Firstly, the game sucks. Secondly, 37,000 copies sounds much too low a number to be the top selling game on any console. For comparison purposes, the new Pokemon game on the Game Boy Advance sold more than 150,000 copies (with the DS version selling more than 140,000).

According to PCVS Console, PSP software did not manage to break into the top 30 sales at all this month. This is especially distressing considering the slew of great new releases that were released in October. Will this discourage publishers from supporting the PSP? Should Sony fanboys worry that even the supposedly-dead Gamecube ranked more titles in the top 30?

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