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Best Buy wants to sell you a 360 on PS3 launch day

Justin Murray

Imagine this: you've just camped outside of Best Buy for 48 hours and it's now November 17th. A few dozen people (crazier than you) showed up three days before you did and the line was already long. Packing up your tent, you walk forward when the doors finally open; when you reach the entrance, the worst thing happens ... they run out of PS3s.

Not all is lost though! Best Buy is giving these eager gamers -- pockets bulging with $600 in singles -- another way to spend their money: a tasty Xbox 360 offer. If you buy an 360 from November 17th through the 19th, you can get a nice buy two Xbox 360 games, get one free offer. Certainly makes a great deal of business sense.

However, the deal may fall flat. Anyone braving the elements to get their hands on their very own chrome-plated monolith could have gotten a 360 without having to camp in the great outdoors; the units have been sitting on shelves for months now. Saving $60 isn't exactly worth the overnight stay, but it may be a nice consolation prize. Your next-gen console is in another castle.

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