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Maddox is "tired of Sony's bullshit"


The Best Page in the Universe has left its four-month slumber for a rant against Sony. His hatred seems to come from Sony's lawsuit that led to the closure of Lik-Sang. Here's what he has to say: "Sony is suing to prevent people from selling PSPs? Great move, morons! Because if there's anything Sony needs right now, it's fewer people buying PSPs."

In typical Maddox fashion, he has nothing kind to say about Sony and its PSP. "Sony would love nothing more than to see you and your family suffer. Sony is like that psycho-ex who you had a few good times with, but was too clingy and the sex got boring. Now it's over and Sony is still stewing about it by leaving you voice mail asking for another chance and promising it "can change."

Feel free to send your hate mail to: Or, buy his book.

[Via Joystiq]

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