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1UP zings Neverwinter Nights 2 (again)

Alan Rose

It looks like the final chapter has been written in the ongoing saga of 1UP's Neverwinter Nights 2 review controversy. An updated review is now available at the Ziff Davis-owned gaming portal, and the new score is a 6/10 (upgraded from 5/10). Only this time, the review was written by Games for Windows editor Jeff Green, who just last week explained the decision to pull writer Matt Peckham's original review.

Green echoes Peckham's sentiments about D&D-based roleplaying adventures -- "success is largely determined by the understanding of a rule set that only a genius or a 13-year-old could fully comprehend" -- but he takes great care not to bash the genre with the same reckless abandon that tainted Peckham's analysis. Instead, more emphasis is placed on NWN2's performance issues, problematic camera, and faulty A.I. -- all valid criticisms. Still, you have to wonder if this is the score Green would've given Obsidian's RPG before the events of two weeks ago, or if he was somehow influenced by the score Peckham gave the game. Like the editor said last week, "there was no way to 'win' here."

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