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Analyst: Sony will miss PS3 launch targets

Kyle Orland

Evidence is beginning to mount that Sony will not be able to meet its target of 400,000 systems for the U.S. PS3 launch this Friday. First, Electronic Arts CFO Loren Jensen shared his belief that Sony's numbers were exaggerated. Then Gamestop announced they would not be able to fill all their PS3 pre-orders, at least not at launch. Now an analyst at Lazard Capital Market has added his voice to the fray, saying he expects only 150,000 - 200,000 PS3 systems to be available on launch day.

While Sony hasn't officially announced any product flow problems (and hasn't yet responded to a request for comment from Joystiq), this public speculation from three respected sources, along with anecdotal evidence from numerous retail employees who have contacted Joystiq, is starting to make us wonder. So while nothing is confirmed yet, don't be surprised if your launch day hunt for a PS3, pre-order or no, is a little harder than you expected.

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