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Video tutorial explains taking games from the PC to the DS


Just in case the last homebrew guide we told you about wasn't quite enough, now we've dredged up a video tutorial to help you on the path to custom content on your DS. This video shows you, step by step, how to use an SD card to get games purring cozily on your favorite handheld. So go ahead. We know where the fun is -- it's in your pocket. You just need to let it out.

Of course, the tutorial focuses on getting illegal DS ROMs from the web to your handheld. We prefer to give our money to Nintendo, since they are our video game overlords and thus own our fanboy souls. Every time you pirate a game, Miyamoto drinks the blood of a newborn kitten and grinds the bones to make his bread. And no one wants that. However, the principles are sound -- this is the same way one goes about loading homebrew games onto the DS, so the tutorial is worth a watch.

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