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Socialtext announces press conference inside WoW

Mike Schramm

MBAzeroth points us to what might be a first in the World of Warcraft: Socialtext, headed up by CEO Ross Mayfield (a.k.a. Kalevipoeg of We Know on Eitrigg-A) is planning to hold Azeroth's first ever press conference. On December 1st, 5pm server time in Goldshire, Socialtext is going to take questions from players in the game. About what, we have no idea, but considering that Second Life has been getting all the marketing attention lately, it's interesting to see a company trying to mesh the real world with WoW.

If that's what they're doing, that is. Socialtext's site has no announcement about a December 1st press conference anywhere on their blog, and Mayfield's "announcement" of the conference includes more than a few jokes-- no ninjas allowed, "questions will only be taken from journalists in PVP mode," and a link to Project Azeroth (for those Hordies who might be a little confused by all the Common going around). I'm not quite convinced this is a serious commercial entry into Azeroth-- it could just be a dig at companies like Dell who "hold press conferences" in communities like Second Life without actually incorporating the community they're entering. The guys at We Know, umm, "know" Warcraft, and it could be they're suggesting holding a press conference isn't possible (especially not in Stormwind-- you should hold it somewhere fun like on a run through Deadmines, guys).

But you never know-- the only way to be sure will be to log into Eitrigg on December 1st and see what you can find in Goldshire. Mayfield's announcement does promise "those that survive the experience will gain 1 gold piece and a Socialtext tabard" (whatever that is), so it could be a money-making opportunity for both parties, in the real and the virtual world.

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