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Wii + UPS = BFF [update 1]

Kevin Kelly

Fearless Joystiq reader Travisty of Justice braved the rain and was on hand in Atlanta today to witness UPS officially deliver the first shipment of Wiis to Best Buy. It's a snoozetastic corporate photo op, but hey ... you're just a few short days away from seeing those in stores. Baby steps.

He ventured outside to talk to the folks waiting through drizzle in the PS3 line, but when he asked if they were buying one to keep or to sell on eBay, they gave him the brushoff. Maybe they were afraid this Best Buy would boot them out of line. Release the corporate hounds!

Check out the video of the event after the jump. Someone, please start hiring spokespeople with a little razzle-dazzle, okay?

[Thanks, Travisty]

[Update: fixed spelling, d'oh!]

Video of the Wii arriving at Best Buy, courtesy of UPS. A UPS suit espouses the advantages of using UPS for shipping and ... zzzzzzzz.

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