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Maxell intros MXSP-1000, the tubular iPod speaker system

Darren Murph

Just in case you weren't digging the stereotypical "Made for iPod" speaker systems cluttering up the shelves out there, Maxell is busting out an uber-slim, tubular-styled setup to decorate your dorm room wall or compliment your table of choice. While it's probably not as cool as the blown-away guy, the MXSP-1000 is a 23.4-inch long speaker system designed to conveniently hold and charge your dock connector-equipped iPod and pump out the jams through its dual 4.8-watt speakers. The unit comes in silver, black, and the ever-trendy white flavor, but at least Maxell was kind enough to toss in a 3.5-millimeter aux in jack to utilize other musical sources when your 'Pod's not around. Aside from sporting playback controls and a nifty dock lid, you can pick up the optional wireless remote for controlling your playlists from afar, but you won't be picking this up in North America anytime soon it seems. Regardless, the MXSP-1000 can be snapped up in a week or so if you're venturing through Japan.

[Via Far East Gizmos]

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