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Metareview - Final Fantasy III (DS)


At long last, the true Final Fantasy III finally localized for our precious consumption. But don't be fooled by the cutesy characters, they don't make 'em like this no more:

  • Game Informer (80/100) - "[This is an old-school adventure, with all of the pitfalls and payoffs that entails ... Providing you're the type of person who doesn't have any trouble going back and playing 8-bit games, Final Final III [sic] is an excellent handheld homage to a bygone era."
  • IGN (78/100) - "For any unassuming casual gamer out there, be warned, as Final Fantasy III hits hard and plays like the demanding days of old. We're talking tons of random battles (every five or so steps in some cases), inns that don't revive dead characters, and instant death battles that don't hesitate to kill unsuspecting explorers that feel the need to wander too far from the 'strongly recommended' path the game delivers ... Either you need this game or you don't. Plain and simple."
  • Games Radar (70/100) - "[Tons] of uphill struggles and unaccommodating features [make] the experience borderline miserable at times. But for some of us, the Fantasy followers and old-style gamers, it's nice to sneak in such a guilty pleasure in between all the over-produced RPGs that hold your hand every step of the way."
Current overall average: 77/100 (8 reviews)

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