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Wii have no room to play (Wii annoyance #003)

Justin Murray

The Nintendo Wii has been getting plenty of buzz over the past few weeks from various sources. Nintendo isn't too shocked by it; they did build the machine to accommodate a whole new target audience. However, Nintendo may have one fatal flaw in their design: space.

It would seem that Nintendo didn't account for room size when dreaming up the little wand that links our world to the Wii world. Some guys over at MTV decided to run a four player Wii match and found their existing room -- which is wide enough to fit a couch and have four-player traditional matches -- didn't accommodate their Wii gaming; they were getting in each others way.

The Wii may be the smallest next-gen console, but it clearly requires the most space to truly enjoy. And yet another traditional element of console gaming has vanished in the Wii's growing wake; no longer can the console be moved to a back-room and be enjoyed. Either that, or we're going to have to learn to play without looking like a toolbox.

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