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Gurumin to feature Japanese VA, and more details revealed


"We looked up "no-brainer" in the dictionary and there was a picture of Gurumin," said Mastiff in an interview with Siliconera. The publisher reveals a few interesting tidbits, like having the original Japanese voice acting available as a secret easter egg. Way cool---just in case the English VA doesn't work out so well. Mastiff also points out features that are available in the PSP version of the game that can't be found on the original PC version of the game:

"Gurumin on the PSP not only features tons of extra content that wasn't available on the PC, like new costumes and a boss rush mode, but the controls have been polished for the PSP version, and the game delivers an action-RPG experience that simply can't be had anywhere else on the platform."

Check out the rest of Siliconera's interview with Mastiff, and voice actor, Amber Hood.

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