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i-mate gets real with JAQ3

Chris Ziegler

Let's just sweep that original JAQ under the mat and carry on as though it never existed, shall we? The TechFaith-commissioned JAQ3 looks to take a major leap beyond the original Inventec piece in the looks department, thanks in part to its slimmer form and black shell. High-speed data is conspicuously missing here, though it'll top out with EDGE on all four GSM bands -- better than the previous intel we had indicating that GSM 850 and EDGE would be no-shows. Other major features for the Pocket PC Phone Edition device include a 2 megapixel cam, 802.11g, 128MB of ROM, and 64MB of RAM. Initially, it looks like the JAQ3's launch is restricted to the Middle East, but who knows? If we ask nicely, it might just come to grace US shores alongside the JAQ and SPL.

[Via the::unwired, thanks kerunt]

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