i-mate to take on TechFaith's 501 as "JAQ3"

Finally, a JAQ we can get excited about. After the Inventec-designed original left us wanting less (less bulk, that is), it's good to see that i-mate is strengthening its relationship with TechFaith after the SPL launch and bringing the UBiQUio 501 on board as the "JAQ3." Whether it'll be sold along side the pudgier JAQ or it'll usher in the fastest successor rollout in cellphone history, we don't know, but we don't care -- just make this thing available, guys. Unfortunately, the 501 lacks GSM 850 and EDGE; we wouldn't expect that to change with the JAQ3 variant, so i-mate probably won't be pushing this one stateside, but our congratulations go out to the territories that have the good fortune of seeing a local launch.