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Beta Beat: Actiontastic 0.8.2, Quicksilver Integration

Dan Lurie

Actiontastic, one of the contenders to be the go-to application for Mac using GTD-ers, has just been updated to version 0.8.2, and brings with it some spiffy upgrades including interface tweaks, a complete back-end database re-coding, and various bug fixes. But obviously those things alone don't warrant a TUAW post do they? Of course not. The real reason I'm pointing out this update to you, dear reader, is the addition of a feature that I've long come to rely on in my GTD workflow: Quicksilver integration. One of the most basic tenets of GTD is brain dumping; getting all those projects and thoughts out of your head and into a trusted system so you spend less energy worrying about them, and more energy doing things that are actually productive. Having to switch away from the application I'm currently using in order to create a new item in my inbox totally trashes my train of thought, and being able to simple hit a hot-key to brain dump makes it easier to keep up with the GTD methodology. Actiontastic includes Quicksilver functionality as a QS action bundled with the app, which is much more elegant than the unfortunately clumsy Quicksilver Action Kinkless GTD uses to accomplish the same thing.

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