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Play homebrew Flash games on the Wii [update 1]


Parallel to the long-awaited launch of the Wii, designer David Stubbs, Aaron Worrall and John Eysman have launched their website, called Wiicade. The first homebrew application we have seen so far for Wii, Wiicade offers gamers a chance to play and possibly create Flash games to be played through the Opera browser.

We poked around the site to discover it an instant success. Since the site launch on Sunday, over 16,000 games were played in under 24 hours. Wiicade costs nothing to you and we hope to see more games inspired by the Wiimote appear. If you, like several other disspointed Nintendo fanboys and girls, didn't get your hands on a Wii, you can still enjoy these games on your PC to hold you over.

[Update: Remember that these games are not yet available for actual play on the Wii because the Opera Browser is not yet live.]

[Via Joystiq]

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