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Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 electronic dictionary, and mobile TV


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Hey, no one can blame you for thinking that's the latest UMPC, ultra-portable XP thingamabob, or PMP. After all, Sharp's Papyrus PW-TC900 does feature a QWERTY keyboard, 20-hour battery (5-hours for TV), SD slot for expansion, and 4.3-inch, 480×272 resolution display which rotates 180-degrees for folding into a tasty, TV sandwich. Unfortunately (for us), this is Sharp's latest electronic dictionary set for release in Japan. Although its primary purpose might be for Japanese-English translation and learning, with features like an integrated Japanese OneSeg digital TV tuner and MP3 player, no parent should be too surprised when their Papyrus-equipped kids return from school with attention deficit issues. But hey, nothing a little Ritalin can't fix, eh 70s? On sale in Japan starting December 8th for ¥50,000 or about $425. A couple of those in-the-wild snaps after the break.

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