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Fraunhofer Institute's i-Stick will call for help if dropped

Cyrus Farivar

There's probably never been a better time for gadget-oriented elderly folks, given that there's all kinds of gear designed to keep an eye health-wise on 'em while out and about. Well, our friends at the Fraunhofer Institute have just invented what they're calling the i-Stick, a walking stick that will call an ambulance if it registers that it's laying horizontally on the ground for too long, thereby sending for medical aid to its carrier. (We're still trying to figure out what happens if the cat tips it over in the middle of the night.) So, If you're looking for something for your parents, grandparents, or just some folks that you'd like to keep an eye on, we think that the combination of that Bluetooth life-saving shirt and this i-Stick would be the perfect holiday gifts. Furthermore, the i-Stick's built-in life-saving feature will come in handy when street thugs get beaten down with one of these, giving Grandpa an easy way to call for an ambulance without breaking a sweat. Fraunhofer is apparently still looking for a distributor, so we may have to wait until beyond this winter to actually buy one.

[Via Textually]

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