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Leaving WoW until the Burning Crusade

David Nelson

One of my favorite WoW bloggers, Lauren from Mystic Worlds, announced today that she is planning on leaving World of Warcraft until the Burning Crusade expansion.

We have talked about this topic before, via Breakfast Topics and other posts, but it really hits home when someone who has been blogging about WoW for the last year suddenly decides she's had enough. Her reason for bailing now? She simply has nothing to do until the expansion hits. Hmmm...where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, everywhere.

More interestingly, she sees a bigger problem than just the current boredom. She thinks that WoW is severely lacking in the endgame, and once you get to 70, it will be another big helping of what you got at level 60. Which obviously some people really, really love...and some people really, really hate. I can see her point, that being that while there will be 25 man raids instead of 40 mans, and there will be different places to visit and see, it is basically what it is...that being the endgame of a MMORPG. She wants something more.

Do you?

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