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TG-16 games hit the Wii

Kyle Orland

We were a little concerned when the Wii's Virtual Console launched this Sunday without any downloadable TurboGrafx-16 games, despite a promise from a Nintendo press release that Bomberman '93 would be one of the games that was "ready to play on launch day." Were there problems finalizing the Wii's TG-16 emulator? Licensing issues still to be worked out with HudsonSoft? A general feeling that players didn't care about the little known system?

Well, it seems our rhetorical hand-wringing was a little premature, because as of today Bomberman '93 and Bonk's Adventure are both downloadable from the Wii Shop Channel for 600 Wii points ($6). A post from Hudson staffer John on the Hudson Entertainment forums suggests the games were indeed playable on dev kits by launch day, but might have been delayed due to a hitch in the certification process for the TG-16 games. Whatever the reason, we're just glad the problems have been worked out and we can now play around with the original headbanger to our heart's content.

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