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Xbox 360 HDMI rumor rides again


What do you get the console that has everything for? An HD DVD player, some high-def movie downloads, maybe a new game or two. We're not so good at wrapping stuff, so we brought yet another Xbox 360 HDMI cable rumor on the eve of the one year anniversary of the console's launch in North America. These pictures claim to be from the back of an upcoming Lost Planet / Xbox 360 bundle package taken by the employee of a Japanese games shop. In various forum threads allegations of photoshop chicanery have arisen, although some commenters claim knowledge of a Microsoft statement that it's real, but merely a misprint. The 360 is no longer alone in the next-gen gaming market and HDMI is due at some point to keep up with the Jones' PlayStation 3. ICT and 1080p concerns notwithstanding, visions of DVD upconversion via HDMI are floating through our heads, particularly since the PS3 fell short on that bullet point.

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