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Score an Xbox 360 for $100

Kevin Kelly

Amazon has a love/hate relationship going with us right now. We hate that they made it so hard to get the Wii, but we love the fact that they put the deal offering an Xbox 360 for $100 up for the democratic vote, and it won hands down. Granted, the competition was a bike, a Barbie doll, and a one year Amazon Prime membership, but who's complaining? A one hundred dollar console is still sweet.

Starting tomorrow at 11AM PST, keep your fingers poised over your keyboard and be ready to swoop in and buy it, even if it means tearing yourself away from Aunt Mary's sweet potato pie. They'll be offering up 1,000 of these suckers, but you must wait until Thursday at 11AM (again, Pacific time, folks) and buy it via the Amazon Customers Vote Page in order to receive the discount, not the regular product page.

Remember that Amazon had the Wii go on sale on Sunday and it sold out in one minute, so make sure you're properly adrenalized before this sale. We recommend doing some strong finger workouts tonight in preparation.

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