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Breakfast Topic: New PvP system bringing you down?


With the upcoming 2.0.1 patch, the existing honor system will be scrapped and an entirely new method applied. Instead of spending hour upon hour each week struggling to aquire countless honor points in order to maintain PvP rank (when the highest ranks required more weekly effort than a standard full-time job), the new system is rankless, and rewards will be purchased from vendors using honor points as a type of currency. But if you're just shy of rank 14 the week the patch comes out, I'm certainly going to feel sorry for you -- because all of your time and effort within the system vanishes with the application of the patch. Yes, you'll still have any rewards you've purchased, but if you were still attempting to rank up to obtain higher level rewards, you'll be starting from scratch with everyone else. And the PvP factions? Meaningless -- their rewards will also now be purchased with honor points. For my part, I completely stopped PvPing when I heard this new system was being implemented (I didn't have 80 hours a week to put in anyway, so high warlord was already out of the question!), feeling that continued efforts to grind myself up could be better spent elsewhere. But there are many players, even now, hard at work grinding honor and ranking up. So which side of the fence are you on -- desperately trying to get that last rank before the patch is released, or biding your time and waiting for the new system to show up?

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