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Breakfast Topic: Queues, Queues Everywhere

David Nelson

I have seen stories of queues on certain realms over the past month or so. Some realms are better than others, but this Thanksgiving weekend really, really tried my patience. I was facing 500+ person queues on Argent Dawn, Bloodhoof and my newly adopted home Fenris. In fact, my previous post about the server seeming kind of dead no longer applies, as I was looking at a 700+ person queue on several occasions over the past couple of days.

Granted, it was a holiday weekend here in the states, so that could account for some of the congestion, but with the expansion set to hit in a matter of weeks, will we all be looking at monster queues on a nightly basis? Maybe selling World of Warcraft with a discount $20 price tag, or the barrage of demo discs that have flooded the market are starting to have an effect.

What do you guys think? Are you sitting in queues every night? Are there some realms with no wait who could use some new blood?

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