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ZOO Digital to publish new train sim


ZOO Digital, responsible for publishing past DS titles such as Sudokumaniacs and Snood 2: On Vacation, are at it again and look to bring their newest game, Lionel Trains on Track, to the DS. The game focuses on building a train empire from the ground up, asking the player to build virtual cities and fill it with glorious mass transportation. Players will also be able to research into new properties, allowing them larger and more impressive structures as their city grows.

Some of the game's other features include:

  • Cargo Chains: by taking your train to multiple towns and improving its cargo hold, you can gather each town's specific goods and sell it for a profit at a town in need
  • The game will feature 3 modes of play: Campaign, Freeplay, and Sandbox
  • You'll eventually unlock new trains and structures through the game by research

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