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Kondo adds pivot to KHR-1HV biped robot kit


When we first spotted this mild Kondo update to its KHR-1 bot, we weren't too incredibly excited, but after watching a couple of TiVoed episodes of Dancing with the Stars -- you know, to get the creative juices flowing -- we realized the incredible destructive and will-bending capacity of a dancing robot, something the KHR-1 is particularly suited for with its fancy new pivoting hip joints. That's about all this new bot kit has going for it, so if your KHR-1 or KHR-2HV is fueling your passion for robotic world domination just fine, we don't seem much of a reason to spring the 126,000 yen (about $1,091 US) for a pair of Emmitt Smith-aping hips, but at least you've got the option now, yeah?

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