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Low-cost MOTOFONE hits India

Darren Murph

We knew Motorola had something (really) skinny up its sleeve way back in July, and after it got the ole thumbs-up from our constituents over at the FCC, we knew a whiz-bang release couldn't be too far out. Thankfully (at least for India), today's the day, and the MOTOFONE will finally find its way into (and surely out of) slim fit pockets everywhere. Moto announced immediate availability of the GSM-based F3 within India today at a dedicated event held in New Delhi, and stated that "international markets" could expect to get their palms on one "in the coming weeks." Furthermore, the CDMA sibling (F3c) is slated to hit shelves "before the end of 2006." While pricing details were cleverly omitted, we're sure they'll surface soon when local carriers jump on the bandwagon.

[Via Mobiledia]

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