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USA Today on favorable Wii buzz, early holiday winners

Blake Snow

USA Today is running an article that compares the better supplied and favorable Wii launch to the limited supplied and "disappointing" PS3 launch. However, the article implies the Xbox 360 has them both beat in terms of early holiday sales: "Nintendo's launch 'has been probably a little better than expected and Sony's has been a little bit more disappointing ... If you have to rank on who won this holiday so far, Microsoft is first, Nintendo a close second and Sony a distant third, which is a rare statement."

The report suggest that many gamers gave up on securing a PS3 because 38% of its prospective buyers were subjected to "sleep deprivation, lost wages, missed classes, the elements and even muggings" despite its being "a winner." According to New Media Strategies, a research firm that monitors web activity, said side effects left a bad taste in consumers' mouths equating to only 27% favorable discussion for the PS3 compared to 49% favorable chatter for Wii. So what's it gonna take to get PlayStation Nation out of its seven month publicity funk? Better supply would be a start.

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