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Comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 side-by-side

Blake Snow

Why do most PS3 launch games look about the same as second-year Xbox 360 games? That's what the peeps over at 1UP are trying to unearth via side-by-side screen comparisons in an attempt to justify the PS3's $200 premium. And the first batch of results don't make the PS3 look so "high tech" when contrasted with the Xbox 360's year-old hardware. But before any Microsoft loyalists flex muscle and exchange respect knuckles, keep in mind the screens and vids are comparing first-generation and second-generation software. Sony is also betting the Cell is more scalable in the long run, however, so while the screens look near identical now, it's to be determined if subsequent graphics stay this comparable. But yeah, those considering early adoption of the PS3 can now do a double take.

[Thanks, Embassy]

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