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NetStream's DoorLinX: assign an MP3 to your doorbell


You can fall asleep and wake up to them, use 'em for ringtones, voice encoding, or to enlarge your breasts. And you'll entice the RIAA into suing your little girl if you abuse them. We're talking of course, about MP3s. Only thing they can't do is replace the ding-dong of the ol' doorbell. Oh wait... Tejas-based NetStreams is due to launch DoorLinX any day making it the world's first IP-based doorbell / intercom system. It features an amplified 4-W speaker and embedded microphone integrated into the wall unit (pictured above) and a door latch activation relay to automatically open the door or gate from any NetStream TouchLinX interface. The magic though, comes when deployed along side NetStream's DigiLinX audio-distribution system so that you (the dealer anyway) can map any MP3 audio file (up to 500KB) to the door chime. When someone hits the button, the MP3 plays in any assigned speaker, anywhere in the house. Great start, now if NetStream would just open up the MP3 assignments to the homeowner, then we'll all know just how bad your taste in music really is.

[Via HiddenWires]

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