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Nintendo on track to sell 4M Wiis by year's end?

Blake Snow

Intimidating Nintendo bossman with a friendly smile, Reggie Fils-Aime, told Reuters today that his company is on track to sell 4 million Wiis worldwide by the end of the year. If reality, that would be like selling almost 20% of the GameCube's 21M install base in just over six weeks (!).

The gaming exec also expects to sell a 'lil something extra on top of the planned 4 million, manufacturing constraints permitting. And I quote: "Exceeding (sales targets) is going to be challenging based on manufacturing capacity. We will sell everything we make so now it's simply a manufacturing thing."

To that end, Nintendo asked Joystiq if they can use our headquarters as a make-shift manufacturing plant. We politely obliged and turned our first floor into the Willy Wonka like Wii store you see pictured. It has boat loads of systems ready for the taking that we hand out in light blue shirts. If you look closely, Ross is in the back scheming to gank one. Come on by!

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