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Pole dancing: the reason for DOAX 2 (video)


It didn't take long, and DOAX2 videos are already flooding YouTube. It's a veritable bevy of busty digital babes, with videos of the various minigames everywhere. The pole dancing sequences, however, take the cake. While most of the minigames, from butt battles to beach races, can be written off as innocent excursions, the pole dancing can be called nothing other than what it is ... um ... it's pole dancing. Sample a digital vixen shaking her stuff after the break. Be warned, the video is not safe for work (and some of the other ones we've found are very not safe for work).

Believe us, there are more videos out there, and this is probably the tamest one -- some players get a little too "creative" when controlling the camera. Is something like this enough reward for you to forgive terrible gameplay (and godawful hair physics)?

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