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Fido to get QWERTYified with Nokia E62?

Chris Ziegler

Hey Fido customers: where do you go when you're looking for a QWERTY smartphone? What's that you say, you don't have one? Sorry, we didn't mean to rub it in -- but we thought you might like to know that the Nokia E62 may very well be coming your way. The QWERTY S60 3rd Edition device -- a WiFi-less version of the E61 sold overseas -- has been met with some decent reviews here in the States on Cingular, and we wouldn't be surprised if a Canadian or two were to welcome one into their lives if / when this thing really comes to Fido (the ones that haven't already picked one up from parent company Rogers, that is). We'll pass on more details as we hear them!

[Thanks, Ian]

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