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Trigem's new Averatec 1500 ultraportable


Trigem really likes to cover its Averatec bases, and this time around it's hitting on the teensy end of laptopdom with the new Averatec 1500 11.1-inch laptop. The little portable sports a WXGA screen, 1.0GHz Core Duo ULV U2400 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and a 100GB SATA HDD. About the fanciest spec this thing can boast of is a/b/g WiFi, though 3.44 pounds isn't too shabby for an ultraportable weight, and 1.2-inches of thickness isn't terrible considering the general squeeze on the other dimensions. Still, at roughly $1,969 US for this thing, we're guessing our Korean friends could do a bit better for a bit less. At least it's shiny.

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