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Creative's CEO offering up his Lexus to celebrate 25 years

Darren Murph

If there's two things we like here at Engadget, it's charities and outspoken CEOs. Thanks to Creative accomplishing both in one fell swoop, the company will not only throw a month long celebration in Singapore, but give lucky donors a chance to roll away in Sim Wong Hoo's whip. To celebrate a whopping 25 years of staying afloat in the "treacherous" world of battling Apple while popping out sound cards, MP3 players, and other random gizmos, the firm is holding a one-month party with tons of sweet giveaway material to be handed out to winning donors. Topping the list is Sim Wong Hoo's (Creative's rambling CEO) own Lexus LS430 (hey, a man's got to have something to deduct on those taxes, right?), while lesser winners can take home one of the many ZEN PMPs available for raffle. While the actual name of the charities haven't yet been announced (saywha?), folks in Singapore looking for something to do on New Year's Eve should certainly cross their fingers for the "Lucky Draw" while partying it up with Mr. Hoo -- or fly to Times Square in a heavenly seat, your call.

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