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Turn your plain-vanilla Nokia N73 into a Music Edition

Chris Ziegler

We've already cautioned Nseries owners against getting too worked up about Nokia's recent sidegrades upgrades in the form of the "Music Edition" devices -- after all, they're the same phones. They've just been painted black, had a couple accessories thrown into the boxes, and had a new firmware revision installed. Ah, the new firmware: wouldn't it be snazzy if there was a way to get those new 1's and 0's onto your legacy N73? Thanks to a member of All About Symbian's forums, it looks like there is (though we suspect it won't paint your device black). It turns out that a simple change of the phone's product code is apparently enough to fool Nokia's Software Update app into thinking you're using a Music Edition, though we haven't tried it ourselves and we'd obviously exercise extreme caution when engaging in this kind of tomfoolery. Let us know how it goes, brave N73 owners!

[Via Symbian Watch, thanks Jean-François]

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