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Castlevania: portrait of unboxing [update 1]


If you're a real Castlevania fan, then it's likely the sweet preorder bonus for Portrait of Ruin from GameStop and co. got your blood pumping. There's nothing like teasing the flap on a beautiful box and dipping your fingers inside to stroke the goods. We know you want it. Flickr user and DS fan Gil knows, too, and he photographed his very special unboxing odyssey just for you. The smooth, slim stylus and DS case, the poster with handy timeline and luscious artwork, and the collector's edition music CD -- it's all inside. And even if you couldn't get your hands on one, now you can at least watch as it is undressed, left naked and open for your roving eyeballs.

And even if you don't love Castlevania in that special way that we do, it's always nice to see a collector's set with some real goodies ... and any fan knows the music from the series is worth having on disc.

[Thanks, Gil!]
[Update 1: Looks like I've forgotten how to spell.]

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