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Mike Schramm

Outland might not actually be reachable yet (it won't be until the expansion is released in January), but already it's popping up all over Azeroth.

  • Draenei have shown up all over the land, some with extra quests (for Erodar faction). Blood elves already appeared in the game in a few places, and they're now the new models-- Draenei in Swamp of Sorrows have been updated too (although The Broken Ones have stayed the same).
  • In addition, Shaman and Pally trainers have appeared in and around the main cities.
  • Darkshore is running a new boat to nowhere (yet).
  • Outland has shown up on the new ingame World Map.
  • Dungeons can be flipped to epic mode (by right clicking on the player portrait), but it doesn't work on any of the current dungeons.
  • Jewelcrafting recipes and components have appeared at vendors.
  • And finally, the character creation screen, in case you haven't visited it lately, shows two grayed out options for the new races.
So close! Yet it's all still out of reach. We won't be able to play with any of this stuff until the Burning Crusade is upon us. Oh, Blizz, why dost thou taunt us so?

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