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360 "beats down" PS3 on TV [update 1]

Justin Murray

In yet another side-by-side comparison fight -- this time broadcast on television -- the Xbox 360 was once again crowned the winner over the PS3. The comparison loss adds yet another black mark on the PS3's, and Sony's, faltering image. A comparison like this is not something the PS3 needs right now.

H3 Enterprises, a major player in the hip-hop culture world (a large market segment Sony likes to target), displayed the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Fight Night on 1080p screens at the famed Apollo theater. Played by what H3 billed as Harlem's top rappers, the Xbox 360 was claimed to be superior in every way. CNBC and BET both had cameras trained on the in-action comparison and the reaction of those there.

It is one thing when gaming sites like Gamespot run side-by-side comparisons since they're only seen by fairly avid gamers; however, when television broadcasts, especially those that hit major market segments, run comparisons, they can speak volumes. A second round involving Madden 2007, NBA Live 2007 and NBA 2K7 will be broadcast on tomorrow night's next week's [update 1] SpikeTV Video Game Awards; despite the awards being a joke to gamers like us, the show does get good ratings so the PS3 cannot afford to take a hit, lest lose more momentum to the 360.

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