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God is a Mac user


This week's TIME Magazine features an interesting Essay on page 103. Evan Eisenberg checks God's email. If you click the pic above you can see the full-sized image I scanned in, which offers even more insight into God's computing habits. I knew the big guy was a Mac user!

God uses, obviously, to stay in touch. He listens to iTunes for inspiration, and keeps Google Earth open to keep an eye on his Creation. Safari is God's browser of choice and he's apparently a football fan (Go Saints!). Looking at the exposed areas of God's desktop we see that he digs George Burns (but Windows Media Player??) and keeps tabs on election results. We're not sure about the rest of God's hardware, but his display is Apple Cinema all the way. What surprises me most is that God uses Quark!

As Erica said, when we got the tip, "This would certainly explain why the demographic skewed 'old' in that survey." Indeed!

Thanks, Keenan!

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